Well here is a quick visit into a awsome encounter I had Friday nite.
I'm Mika, 18 y/o H.S. senior here in Richmond Va. I'm 6' tall dark hair dark
eyes smooth and in shape, I run track and play soccer and am very into
myself so I work out alot.
     My dad called me Friday afternoon just after I had left school asking
me to drop by his office. Being the good son I left the group of friends I
was hanging with and headed to his office. When I got there the usual goings
on and hustle bustle were at full pitch. I stopped by Helen's desk and as
usual she smiled and told me how handsome I was and hugged me and said go on
in he's been waiting for you.
     Dad was on the phone when I walked in and smiled at me as I walked
around his office. After all the times i've been here i'm still impressed.
Pictures of presidents and corporate bigshots all over the place most of the
people i've met. He got off the phone and walked over hand gave me my usual
hug and toss of the hair.
     He says to me son I need you to do me a favor. I need for you to take
some paperwork to an office in Maryland for me right now.
     I say sure dad no prob- i'm there for  ya pop. He gets a packed of
papers and calls Helen thru the open door and says  print of directions for
Mika to get to Larry's office in Maryland. Then call him and tell him he's
on the way with the contracts.
     Dad then asks me what car i'm in today. I say i've got mom's BMW. He
says I don't know why you call it mom's you drive it all the time. I smile
and say I was gonna drive the jeep but it was to cool this morning. He says
no problem. I would rather have you in that than the Jeep going this far.
     In no time at all i'm on 95 heading north and jamming to the music and
flying up the highway. I make the delivery and am heading back i've stopped
and gotten a Mountain Dew and have guzzled it and now need to pee.
     I see a station with a bunch of trucks there and decide to stop there.
I pull in park and go looking for the john. It's a kinda grubby place I find
a men's room go in a grab a pisser and let fly. I notice lot's of
invitations on the wall for sex. I'm also aware of a couple of guys in the
crappers. I finish my business and wash my hands and leave I see a sign that
says game room and being a kid I go take a look. I walk into a game room
with about 20 video games. I get some change and start playing. This guy's
playing a shooting game cowboy boots tee shirt jeans and a cowboy hat. I'm
guessing he's like late 20's and pretty hot looking. I'm in track pants, tee
shirt and running shoes. I've really enjoyed checking out this hot guy from
behind and have droppped like 10 dollars in the machines. I'm ready to drive
some more so I head out, the cowboy say to me as I turn to leave "ya'll
going already".
    I say yea I guess need to get back home I guess. He walks out the game
room with me and say's he's gonna be leaving in a while but not just yet. We
walk out of the building and turn to the lot. We chat a bit his names Hank
lives in texas and loves driving trucks. He invites me to take a look at his
    I've never seen a rig so I say ok but that I need to piss first. We step
into the men's room and I step into a stall and he get's the one nex to me.
I pull down my track pants out falls my cock and I shoot a stream into the
bowl. I look about and the walls are full of sex notes I then notice a hole
a huge hole in the wall and I can see a jean leg I guess thru it. I'm
wondering, i've read about glory holes but have not actually seen one. My
cocks gettin full thinking about it and the leg moves and i'm leaning down
looking thru and I see a cock and a hand stroking it.
    Thats it full hard now a finger glides thru the hole and then sorta
hooks and motions me over. I shake the drop of piss on my swollen cockhead,
turn and place my cock close to the hole and the finger glides across the
head. I press the head thru the hole and push my hips up against the wall. I
feel a hand grasp my cock and a wet mouth engulf the head and then glide up
and down my shaft. The hot mouth is driving me wild i'm pumping hard against
the wall trying to stuff more of my cock in. I"m moaning and groaning and
there are slupring sounds coming from the other side. In almost no time i'm
shooting my cum forcefully into the hot mouth i've never seen. The mouth
sucks it in slupring and sucking till i'm done. I withdraw my cock and take
some tissues and wipe it off.  This cock slides thru the hole flaring head
slit oozing a drop of precum and I squat down and lick the head taking it in
my mouth and sucking it. Gliding up and down the shaft teasing the head and
underside with my tounge and wiggling my tounge in the slit drawing moans
from my unknown partner. I feel the cock swell and I pull off leaning away
and it spurts cum out three good jets of cream I dodge out of the way of it.
Holding his cock in my hands milking it till it no longer produces any more
jism. Just as quickly as it arrived it was pulled back. I leave the stall
and wash my hands waiting to see who the guy is.
    He is outwaiting me so I walk out of the men's room i'm guessing it was
the trucker I was talking to earlier. I turn out of the men's room and near
the end of the sidewalk was the cowboy leaning against a pole. I walk down
to him and he turns and says "Howdy".
    I thought you fell in boy, I blush mightly. Naw I didn't fall in. I turn
and see a back walking up the sidewalk and around a corner. Damn I think ,
i'll never no who it is.
    Hank says to me ya'll still wanna see my rig? Or are ya all tuckered out
now, with a knowing smile on his face.
    I say naw man i'm gonna jet outa here if i'm late i'll get in trouble ya
no. He says I understand, I was just hoping to get a taste of that myself is
all. I say "say what"? He reply's you heard me I wanted a taste of you
myself is all. I say you do huh?
    Hank says, come to my rig and i'll make ya feel great. I say oh yea dude
how you gonna do that? Anyway you want dude anyway you want.  I say kewl
lead the way Hank I wanna see your big rig.
    We walk into the lot and get in a huge red truck. We go between the
seats to a bedroom and he sits on the bed and I walk in he grabs a remote
and pushes a button and a porn flick is on the little tv in the corner, two
guys one sucking the other. My cock responds and he gropes me thru my track
pants and then lowers them taking my hard cock in his mouth and sucking me
all the way down. I stand there him blowing me and rubbing my ass and
playing with my balls. He's is really working my cock and i'm humping into
his mouth, I reach out to grope his cock and he brushes my hand away and I
rest my hands on his broad shoulders and enjoy him working my cock. I watch
the movie and watch him sucking me every now and then he sucks my balls a
bit the goes back down on my cock.
    I'm moaning and groaning and he is to I know I won't be long before I
blast my cum out. I tell him i'm getting close and he sucks harder and
harder on my cock.  I feel my knees shaking a bit and my balls are pulled up
hard and I blast away into his hot mouth. Holding his head down on my cock
jetting my boy cum in this hot cowboy's mouth. I grunt and grunt he holds my
ass and has my 8 inches in the back of his throat.
    I slowly pull my spent cock out of his mouth and he sucks it licking the
head and using his hand to milk out the last drop of cum from my cock.
    He says man that was some load , especially since you just came in the
john. I say yea dude I can cum a bunch. He kinda sits back and uses his arms
to support him I reach out to feel his cock and it's hard in his jeans. I
say dude can I do you , he says to me yea jerk me off just pull it out of
the zipper and jerk it.
    I unzip his jeans and fish my hand in taking ahold of him. I pull him
out of the jeans, nice size cock i'm guessing somewhere between 6 and 7
inches and a nice head I stroke it up and down and he moans. I get on my
knees and start working the cock in front of me. The head flares with each
stroke and he lays all the way back and moans. I'm really stroking it hard
and fast, the porn movie is still playing on the tv and i'm really enjoying
the action. I raise up to suck him and he say no dude don't do that just
jerk me off is all. I say ok dude whatever you want. I continue jerking him
and his legs spasm and twitch then tighten up and he shoots cum up in the
air, and I jerk him hard, he only sprays one good jet then the rest dribbles
out over the head and onto my fingers.
     I unwrap my fingers and look for something to wipe them on seeing a
sock on the floor I pick it up and wipe my hand off. He's just laying there
eyes closed and says you can let yourself out boy. I suddenly don't wanna be
in this truck and almost fly out of the door.
     I go back to the man's room and wash my hands. I think about going back
into the stall but decide to leave. I go out and thru the building to my car
and fly home. I no one thing i'm gonna visit this place again, soon.